Rua Resource Centre Interactive Tablet

Over the last few weeks Edsoft Interactive (part of the Campion/Landmark Group) have given Salesian College an opportunity to become involved with new touch screen technology in the form of an interactive ‘tablet’ to discover how this future technology potentially may benefit teaching and learning in the classroom and also libraries and resource centres.

Currently set up in the Rua Resource Centre, the Immergo Fusion 55 is a multi-touch, computerised and collaborative space that can be used as an interactive table or display board and is disability friendly. There has been great interest both from students and teachers who have been on a journey of discovery as they interact and ‘play’ with the technology, either individually or in groups, and our ‘digital natives’ certainly do not need too much encouragement to discover what this technology can do as they seamlessly navigate their way around!

It has certainly been beneficial to have been given the opportunity for our school community to consider the possibilities of this type of teaching and learning tool for the future.

Joyce Sendeckyj
Head of Information Services