RUA Resource Centre

During Children’s Book Week (August 20 – 26), students are encouraged to visit the RUA Resource Centre to be involved in various exciting activities such as:

  • “Guess the Book in the Jar”
  • “The Golden Ticket Book Hunt”
  • “Create your own Book Marks and Graphic Novels”

The theme of this year’s Children’s Book Week will be “Australia! Story Country”.

The RUA Resource Centre is brimming with new novels by authors such as James Patterson, Rick Riordan and Maurice Gleitzman, and reviews of current Australian authors and their stories can be found in periodicals like Good Reading Magazine and Magpies, or here.

Why not visit the RUA Resource Centre on the next rainy day to borrow a book or two? Or, if you’d like to brush up on some Dr Seuss verse, we have displayed some of Dr Seuss’ most famous quotes around the library in support of Salesian College’s upcoming Performing Arts production, ‘Seussical’.

Ms Janet Moore
RUA Resource Centre