Sacramental Program

On Thursday October 6 it was our privilege and pleasure to host the pinnacle of the Sacramental Program for 2016, which was the celebration of the Liturgy where three boys were baptised, nine boys received their First Communion and twenty-four boys were filled with the Holy Spirit. It was a beautiful spring day with over 150 guests in attendance. The boys were all very excited to be receiving the Sacraments on this day, with so many family and friends attending. It was also lovely that so many of their friends at school and teachers asked to be a witness to their spiritual journey.

This amazing display of faith is a consequence of the faith filled community that is Salesian College. These boys have asked of their own accord to become part of this community by receiving the Sacraments. In our secular society, this is becoming more and more difficult for young people to do; so this is certainly testimony to their faith and the faith that is expressed here at the College.

The process of getting the boys ready for this special day was a result of not only the boys willingness and dedication to learning about and growing their faith, but also the work of dedicated teachers. Ms Rapson, Mr McGarry and Ms Barcellona played an integral role in preparing these boys. They dedicated their time, their knowledge and most importantly their faith with these young men, offering them an example of lived faith in this community.

The liturgy was also made, in a particular way, very unique and special because it was led by Monsignor Greg Bennet. He was able to talk to the boys about what faith means in today’s society in a way that was true, relevant and memorable. He mentioned to them that with the Holy Spirit by their side, they all had the ‘X Factor’ which would lead them in the right direction in life. The Monsignor also spoke about the congregation of family and friends gathered and their importance in the boys’ journey. That just like the Bulldogs were propelled to victory through the support of their family, that they too were integral to the boys continuing to grow and live their faith in difficult times. My sincere thanks to the Monsignor for making the liturgy a special one that the boys will remember.

I ask that you continue to pray for the following boys as they continue to nurture their faith:


Charlie Briglia 08A
Caleb Brown 09D
Jacob Canavan Edmond 07E
Zach Dell’Arciprete 08H
Stephen Fazio 08D
Kini Fullman 07A
Campbell Gruiters 08A
Kellan Hill 07F
Matthew Kennedy 09C
Leo Kong 07B
Therry Lam 08G
Angus Macaluso 07E
Aaron Rajendra 07F
Frank Ralogaivau 07A
Karch Rojas 07A
Braulio Rojero Martinez 07D
Andre Santaera 07D
Marcus Santaera 07D
Sam Sciffer 07A
Theodore Soldati 08H
James Tandoc 07E
Julian Thursky-Moore 08E
Will Tucker 09D
Thomas Valle 07F
Michael Vu 08E


The Sacramental program runs every year at the College. If you or your son wishes to be involved, please contact me at the College via email

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission