Salesian Child Protection Policy

Last Friday, March 17, the Salesian Child Protection Policy was rolled out to all boys during the Oratory period. It was no coincidence that we chose to do that on the National Day of Action Against Bullying.

The protection of our boys at the College is our highest priority and the staff at Salesian are always interested in knowing that the boys are safe and happy at school.

During the session the boys also completed the Peer Relations Survey. This survey explains the definition of bullying to our boys and offers them the opportunity to confidentially share with us information that we can use to make our school a safer place.

All staff and volunteers at schools in Victoria have to abide by the Victorian Government’s rules and regulations regarding the protection of children. To that end, staff and volunteers at Salesian have completed modules explaining what child protection is and their responsibilities as staff or volunteers. This was rolled out to staff in 2016 and is a mandatory requirement for all new staff and volunteers who join our community.

The Child Protection policy uses the three words Respect, Protect and Connect (RPC), as a way of highlighting the critically important role the College has in ensuring the safety of our students.

As you visit offices and classrooms around the school, you will notice blue posters highlighting the RPC Action Plan. These posters are a continuation of our efforts to ensure that respectful relationships are at the heart of all our dealings here at the College.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at the College.

Mr Brendan Douglas
Assistant Principal – Students