School Attendance

In the first edition of the College Newsletter for 2016, I wish to comment upon the important issue of regular attendance at school and punctual attendance to classes. Put simply; healthy young men should be present at school on time for every lesson on every day. Boys learn very bad habits and will fall behind in their learning every time they are absent. Accordingly, unless a student is genuinely ill, or, there is some form of family emergency, the College’s clear expectation is that boys are at school on time, all the time.

In terms of punctuality, I would ask boys to consider that classes are inevitably disrupted when boys arrive late for class. Further, late students either miss out on the early part of lessons, or, time is wasted if the information is repeated for the benefit of late arrivals. In our context where the teaching day begins at 8:45am and we have 40 minute lessons, it is vital that boys are punctual to class. Teachers will punctiliously and consistently take the roll on SIMON in the first minute or two of each lesson to record instances where boys are late to class. Boys who have a pattern of being late to class will be counselled and will receive consequences.

Boys have been reminded that they can address this issue by adopting the following strategies:

  • Boys should plan to arrive at school by 8:30am so they can get themselves organised for the day
  • Senior students should gather their learning materials for sequences of lessons rather than visiting their locker between each lesson
  • All boys must move quickly to their rooms when the morning bell sounds
  • Boys are to move swiftly between classes
  • The recess and lunch breaks should be used to fill water bottles, go to the toilet etc
  • Boys must move off the Oval and basketball courts quickly when the end of Recess and end of Lunch bells sound.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal