Science Wing Blessing

Read Academic Ambassador Joel Nixon’s address at the Official Opening of The Fedrigotti Science Wing on Friday 2 May:

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the opening of a building that has both captivated our creative spirit and our scientific intrigue.  The Fedrigotti Science Wing, named after one of our blessed Salesian priests, aims to encourage students to adopt scientifically based subjects and to reinvigorate the study of science in our school. Its innovative design and features, including state of the art smartboards and scientific equipment ensure that young scientists are well equipped in their choses areas of study. The new science wing caters for physics, chemistry and biology and ensures students are learning in an environment that best showcases their talents.
Additionally, to the revamped science block, our hall foyer has also been renovated, and in my opinion makes the school a more welcoming and up-to-date environment. The new hall has increased the viewing and seating room, allowing many more to witness our assemblies and other school functions.

The new facilities provide immense value for students who are able to exemplify themselves and their studies in an environment that not only encourages learning but enhances it. Facilities such as these inevitably enliven a sense of pride within the student body and emphasise the importance surroundings to the underpinning of a vibrant learning culture.

The refurbished science wing caters to the learning habits of students and inspires their scientific minds to run wild and discover more about the world. It allows students to explore and succeed in their chosen area of study, whilst maintaining a learning environment strengthened by new technology and innovative design. I am sure that both teachers and students are enjoying these new facilities as they learn and enhance their skills, in a place catered to just that. The new facilities have been welcomed as an added boost to our already spectacular educating environment, where students are able to enjoy their studies in an atmosphere dedicated to their interests. 
And finally I would like to thank the College for providing such a space which exuberates our school values and encourages learning, catered to student needs and building Salesian College into the envy of others around the state.


Joel Nixon
Academic Ambassador

View the PHOTOS of the Building Opening.