Scienceworks Excursion

Hello, our names are Jack and Thierry. We are the class captains for 7E and 7H.

Homerooms 7E-7H went to Scienceworks on Monday 26 August. What a day we had – there were many things that we learnt at Scienceworks, especially in the Planetarium.

When we arrived at Scienceworks, first we went to the Sportsworks. There were many things we learnt, like all the different joints in your body, how you bones move, if we could beat Cathy Freeman, and finding out your grip strength. We also had an opportunity to find out which sport we best performed at (using our fitness results).

After our enjoyable time there, we went to the PLANETARIUM! This had to be the best part of the whole day. We relaxed in comfortable chairs and gazed up at the giant screen dome. We all enjoyed the show about the Earth’s tilt. We also learnt lots about constellations and where you could see planets at night.

When we reluctantly left the comfortable chairs, we headed out to eat, and then made our way towards the Carnival of Science! We were all excited to go through the spinning door, and when we got inside, it was like being at Luna Park. A lot of people liked the bed of nails. Some people thought they were fake nails and tested them physically. Thierry personally liked the spinning pole, as he clutched onto it the whole time. Jack rather enjoyed the head chopper, as it was thrilling!

After we had our fun day, we were all reluctant to leave. Thank you for letting us enjoy this special moment of our life, and maybe one day we can go back again.

Thierry Kasimis 7H and Jack Stewart 7E (Class Captains)


On Friday the 23rd August, 7A, 7B, 7C and 7D got on the bus and went to Scienceworks. Once we arrived we went into a room where the teacher told us what to do and not to do, and then we were given sheets to fill in.

First we went to the Sportsworks exhibition. There were lots of different activities and when we did the activities we had to fill out the sheets. These activities included how high you can jump, balance, grip and so on. These activities were really fun.

After Sportsworks we went to the Planetarium and watched a video about the seasons of the Earth and how they change. There were very comfortable chairs that reclined to see the screen on the roof. We learnt about the seasons of the year, star constellations and location of planets. We were all very sad to leave as this was the best part of our trip.

Then we went to eat our snack and when we finished eating we went to the Carnival of Science exhibition. There were many different activities that we did, such as the beheading machine, mirror maze and the bed of nails. We had loads of fun in the Carnival of Science.

After lunch some of us went to the Gift Shop while the rest of us went back to Sportsworks then soon after travelled back to school. We all had lots of fun at Scienceworks.

Mark Linden 7B and Ethan van Langenberg 7A

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