Selection Process for the Year 7 Biretta Class in 2013

 Step 1 – Invitation, Information and Application

  • All students enrolled to attend Salesian College in Year 7 in 2013 are eligible to apply for entry into the Biretta Program
  • Students and parents submit an application for admission into the Biretta Program.

Step 2 – General Ability Test

  • All students entering Year 7 in 2013 will complete a pre-entry General Ability Test composed and administered by Robert Alwell and Associates.
  • The 40 highest scoring applicants will proceed to the next step of the application process.

Step 3 – Interview

  • A Panel will convene to interview students to ascertain their overall suitability and readiness for the Biretta Class.

Step 4 – Ranking

  • A ranking based on performance in the General Ability Test and further informed by data such as NAPLAN results and primary school reports will be used to determine an overall ranking
  • Students with the highest overall rankings will be given preferred candidate status
  • Consideration for preferred candidate status is given strictly on the basis of overall ranking
  • Please note that the Principal reserves the right to exercise some discretion in the final allocation of students to the Biretta Class when exceptional circumstances exist and are made known to the Principal prior to the Confirmation and Contract phase.
  • Students with a higher overall ranking are considered first.

Step 5 – Confirmation

  • Students who successfully demonstrate the ability, suitability and readiness for the Biretta Class will officially be offered a place in the class

Step 6 – Contract

  • Students confirm their acceptance of the offer by signing a contract which details the College’s expectations as a member of the Biretta Class.

 Step 7 – Ongoing Review

  • Each student’s continuation in the Biretta Class is reviewed on a regular basis
  • The College, parents or student may initiate this review

Factors that may be taken into account in a review may include: academic performance, diligence, attitude and behaviour, as well as personal and/or pastoral considerations.

A similar process applies for the Years 8 and 9 Biretta classes. It is important to note, however, that boys must re-apply for entry each year. In this way, high-performing students in mainstream classes have the ability to access the Biretta Program if their performance is at the requisite level.