Semester 1 Examinations

All boys from Year 7 – 11 will undertake their end of semester examinations in the next few weeks. It is an opportunity for boys to demonstrate their learning as well as developing the skills of sitting a formal examination. The revision and study process itself is as important as the examination and so boys will be encouraged and taught by their teachers to revise carefully and develop a pattern of revision that can assist them for the particular subject.

In addition, boys undertaking a Unit 3/4 subject in 2015 will sit the General Achievement Test on 10 June as a part of the VCAA regulations. While a student’s performance on the GAT does not count as part of their study score or ENTER, it is important to realise it is an insurance policy if illness or other issues mean that a student misses or does less than his best on his exam at the end of the year. This happens for at least one student each year at Salesian College. The GAT is also used as an important instrument which is used to test the accuracy of internally assessed SACs and SACs. For these reasons it is important that boys do their best on the GAT.

We wish all students the very best for their examinations ahead and they should look carefully at the published timetables and schedules and plan revision accordingly.

1. Schedule for End of Semester 1 Examinations


2. Feedback to Students

Teachers will:

i. Return the students examinations to the boys for them to keep
ii. Use the examination as a key formative assessment item to provide feedback to students about how their learning might be improved.

3. Instructions for Students

The following rules must be observed during the examinations.

i. Approved materials and equipment which may be taken into the examination room for a particular subject will be explained in subject classes prior to the examinations. This may involve items such as calculators, dictionaries and formulae sheets. In general, students may ONLY take pens, pencils, erasers and other special requirements for an exam into the exam room. Portable tape/disc players, mobile phones, novels, newspapers ARE NOT to be brought into the exam room.
ii. Unless illness or other difficulty arises, no-one is permitted to leave the examination room prior to the scheduled finishing time for the examination.
iii. Complete silence must be maintained at all times, from the time of entry into the examination room until all papers are collected. No communication of any kind with other students is permitted. If a student communicates with or disrupts others, they will be immediately referred to the Year Level Co-ordinator.
iv. You must not begin to write until the signal to write is given.
v. All writing must stop when the signal to finish writing is given.
vi. If help is required during the examination, obtain the attention of the supervisor by raising your hand.
vii. Students who are cheating will be immediately referred to the Year Level Co-ordinator and appropriate action will be taken. This could result in a fail being recorded for the examination along with other consequences
viii. Students who do not take their exams seriously or who have deliberately under-performed will be required to resit the examination.
ix. You may ask the supervisor questions about the setting out or the wording of the examination paper, but you are not permitted to ask questions about how the questions are to be answered or about the meaning of specific words.