Semester One Pathways Programs

With the 2015 Subject Selection process in mind, the following Salesian College Pathway initiatives are delivered to our Year 9 and 10 boys in Semester 1. The purpose of these initiatives are to assist our boys to begin to make choices about what they learn as they participate in subject selections, by which the boys become responsible for their education journey. These initiatives include:

Year 10 Futures Week
In Week Nine of Term 1, all Year 10 students took a pause from their regular curriculum to participate in Year 10 Futures Week. They were exposed to specific information from industry professionals, vocational testing to help identify their interests and strengths, presentations, seminars and workshops regarding a range of different career options and a clear focus on their future. All Year 10 boys also received an individual course advising session from one of our trained course advising team. These individual sessions assisted our students in navigating the information and options presented throughout the week into a more individual plan factoring things like study scores and prerequisite subjects for future studies at the tertiary level. The boys also received a pack of important pathways information to take home and consult with their families, these have always proven to be useful resources for students as they make crucial decisions in their senor school years. A huge thank you goes out to all the staff mentors and course advisors assisting and supporting the Year 10’s Futures Week in 2015.

Year 9 Futures Day
In Week Two of Term 2, our Year 9 students took part in the very informative, Year 9 Futures Day. Now running for its second successful year, Year 9 Futures Day is all about setting the scene. We provided the boys the opportunity to meet the Heads of Departments for each subject area. Staff and students together explored the expectations and learning required over the next two years to have full access to all the learning areas at Salesian College in their Senior years. The boys were presented with every opportunity to start the process of bringing specific context and meaning to their learning, which is crucial as we approach the subject selection process in Term 3. A big thank you goes out to both our Deputy Principal of Curriculum, John Visentin and our Year 9 Coordinator, Steven Loonstra for all their guidance and assistance on the day.

Kim Beurs
Pathways Coordinator

Photos below from Year 10 Futures Week:

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