Senior VCAL

At the end of 2015 the boys all had a little meeting together between themselves deciding what their project for 2016 would be. After having a few ideas thrown around they all decided to agree on renovating or building a caravan together.

Once this was then done and 100% decided the boys then attended the Caravan and camping expo where they learnt a lot and got many ideas and a few connections for the caravan they plan on doing. They got a bit of knowledge out of it as well learning how a caravan is made and also seeing the little accessories that you usually cannot see on a photo or video. This show also increased the boy’s enthusiasm for the project that they have decided to do as well.

Now that they had the idea up and running they had to present it to Mr Brennan the Principal of Salesian so that he could agree on the project being done. It was a bit of work for them getting a good presentation ready not only for the Principal but also for the CEO of the Caravan Industry Victoria, so they made sure everything was all good quality to present.

On the 15th of April the Year 12 VCAL had a meeting with Rob Lucas and Daniel Sahlberg about their caravan project that they are doing this year. The boys are planning on renovating a caravan that needs to be fixed up and they will be doing it on Salesian College property.

During the meeting, Rob who is the CEO of the Caravan Industry, and Daniel, who is the Industry Development Manager were very helpful with helping the boys get everything sorted out and sourcing parts and materials needed to do this project. Rob and Daniel were very generous with the connections of the people they know in the caravan industry by asking them to help out and getting them to donate everything that is needed for the project at hand, they even managed to get a caravan donated to the boys; which shows how much they really would like the boys to go ahead with it.

Senior VCAL Class

Senior VCAL