Year 10

Date: 28 June, 2018

The Victorian Secondary School Vaccine Program will offer free Meningococcal ACWY vaccines to students in Years 10. The  vaccine provides protection against four strains of meningococcal disease (ACWY) and is administered as a single dose.

Cards for Year 10′s will be handed to students as soon as they become available from the City of Monash Immunisation department in early 2018.


Year 7  


Visit One: 10 May 2018

Visit Two: 29 November 2018

In accordance with the National Immunisation Program , all Year 7 students will be offered the following Vaccine:

  • A single dose of Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (Boostrix)
  • Two doses of Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV)

Only students with signed consent cards will be immunised.

Card will be posted to all Year 7 parents for approval at the end of January 2018.


All medical related questions should be directed to your General Practitioner or City of Monash – Immunisation Department.