Learning Support

The Learning Support Department has links with both Well-Being and Curriculum.

Our main focus is those students who are eligible for funding through the Literacy, Numeracy And Special Learning Needs Program. Other students with additional learning needs are catered for through our Whole-School Approach to providing a more inclusive learning environment.

Our aim is to provide inclusive education. The main focus of delivery is to have a Layered Approach to provision of service

  • Direct Service – this is student specific and includes individual, group or class delivery
  • Whole-School Service – this is experienced by all and enhances learning and the learning experience, generally
  • Beyond the School – this involves developing links with specialist services and agencies and liaison with external bodies or professionals, who may be of support to students and their families



Members of the Learning Support Department

  • work with students directly,
  • work with staff in a consultative role
  • provide resources to students, staff and families
  • contribute to curriculum development with a focus on a differentiated curriculum,
  • explore inclusive technologies and strategies to support a wide range of learning difficulties and challenges
  • support the whole child in their learning

Further information is available from Ms Freda Pahomis – Head of Learning Support



Please click thumbnail below to enlarge image – The Layered Learning Support Model:

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