Pastoral Care at Salesian

Salesian College is proud of its tradition of providing quality pastoral for students, staff and families within the College community.

Pastoral care is the responsibility of ever staff member at Salesian College. It is an integral expression of the religious dimension of the life of Salesian College. Pastoral care is grounded in God’s love for and everlasting faithfulness to humanity and takes its inspiration from the image of Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

The term “Pastoral Care” can at times be a somewhat nebulous and all-embracing term. It can also be easily misunderstood. However, the term captures and expresses an aspect of Christian life that is a distinctive and defining reality of Catholic education.

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Salesian Perspectives

Don Bosco lived this style of pastoral action in a way that has inspired and encouraged many educators throughout the world over the last one hundred and fifty years. He called his style of action the “Preventative System” (as distinct from the “Repressive System”) and indicated that it was founded upon the three-fold principles of “Reason, Religion and Loving-Kindness”.

Practical Salesian Pastoral Strategies

The life of Don Bosco provides ample evidence of his pastoral style and his practical approach, which he adapted from the Christian humanism of his patron, St Francis de Sales.

Reflection upon the life of Don Bosco and upon the evolving Salesian tradition gives rise to a variety of practical Salesian pastoral strategies including:

  • Cultivating love rather than fear
  • Presence
  • Preventative attitude
  • Sharing the lives of the young
  • Engaging young people
  • Believing in the innate goodness of young people
  • Young people as active particpants
  • Being encouraging
  • Correction
  • Praying for the young

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 Key Personnel and Bodies

  • The basic unit of pastoral care is the Homeroom Class, which is also the basic administrative unit.
  • All students belong to one of the four Houses: Annecy, Collinson, Moroney and Savio.
  • At Years 7 – 9, homerooms are horizontally structure by Year Group under the care and co-ordination of the Year Level Co-ordinator.
  • At Years 10 – 12, homerooms are vertically structured by House Group under the care and co-ordination of the Head of House.

Salesian College has a number of key personnel with particular responsibilities in relation to the student wellbeing and pastoral care. There are also a number of bodies or groups that have particular responsibilities in promoting and attending to the student wellbeing and pastoral care. In each case a brief summary of the personnel or group is given.

While student wellbeing and pastoral care are the responsibility of all staff, the Rector, the Principal and the Deputy Principal –Student Services have particular responsibilities in this regard. Concerns regarding the physical, emotional or spiritual welfare of staff or students should be shared with them so they are able to exercise their responsibility of ensuring that the appropriate care is provided.

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