Director of Student Wellbeing

The Director of Student Wellbeing is a member of the College Leadership Team and is responsible for the overall conduct of the College’s Student Wellbeing and Pastoral Care programs. He/she animates the pastoral life of the College, provides leadership in pastoral issues and is the key point of reference for concerns regarding student wellbeing.

Student Services Team

The Student Services Team is chaired by the Deputy Principal – Students Services and consists of the Director of Student Wellbeing, the Year Level Co-ordinators and Heads of House. Amongst the responsibilities of this team is to ensure that matters related to student wellbeing and pastoral care are adequately, consistently and effectively addressed.

Year Level Co-ordinators and Heads of House

The Year Level Co-ordinators and Heads of House are responsible for the overall co-ordination of their Year Group or House, and the care and management of the students entrusted to them.

Homeroom Mentors

Each homeroom class is led by a Homeroom Mentor, who is responsible for the effective conduct of the class, for nurturing the sense of belonging to the homeroom and overseeing the care of students in the pastoral class. The Homeroom Mentor is a person in a significant relationship of care for students and is the first point of contact between home and school.


The College Counsellor is a professionally trained counsellor responsible for providing professional counselling and guidance to students with particular social or emotional needs. He/she is directly responsible to the Director of Student Wellbeing. Staff wishing to refer students to the Counsellor should do so via the Director of Student Wellbeing.