Rock and Water Program

This a program based on the view that boys need real support in growing to manhood. This is especially true in today’s society where traditional roles are constantly changing and what it means to be a male is often quite ambiguous.

The Rock and Water program  was originally developed in the Netherlands by Freerk Ykema (a Physical Education and Remedial teacher) to focus on guiding boys aged 10 to 15 years in their growth to manhood. The program centres around the themes of safety and integrity. Its goals are:

  • To assist boys in their development to adulthood
  •  To focus on developing self confidence, self knowledge, self respect, boundary awareness, self awareness, and intuition
  • To develop moral standards and values
  • To assist boys in dealing with power, strength, and powerlessness.

All this is done through physical exercises which are linked with mental and social skills. The program’s framework of exercises and thoughts about boys and manhood assists boys to become aware of purpose and motivation in their lives. Topics include intuition, body language, mental power, empathy, positive thinking and visualising, bullying, sexual harassment, life goals, desires, and following an inner compass.

Salesian College is committed to provide an extensive Rock and Water program throughout the middle years. Over the following couple of years it is progressively embedding the Rock and Water program in various guises throughout the whole school. Particular focus will be given in the early year levels 7-9, and less formal but regular reminders of its approaches at the senior levels. The school has a strong belief that the Rock and Water program runs a supporting parallel to Don Bosco’s own model of boys’ education offering them one more avenue by which to become honest citizens and good Christians (Don Bosco).