Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ Performance

On Wednesday 26 July, a group of actors from the Complete Works Theatre Company performed an abridged version of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’ to our Year 10 cohort.

The Year 10s are in the middle of their study of the text, Shakespeare’s life, the Globe Theatre and the very distinct way in which Shakespearean plays are written. Although at times challenging to understand, they boys were really interested in the play and the main themes of guilt, ambition and fate throughout.

The three actors played the major and minor roles in the text, such as: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, King Duncan, The Witches and other secondary characters. The performers adopted the roles of up to three characters each, showcasing their love and knowledge of the play.

Overall, it was great to experience the play in the way it was originally intended – to be performed. Special thanks to Mr Adam Croft for organising the lighting in the Auditorium to enhance our experience.

Miss Alexandra Tsiavis
Social Justice Coordinator, English and Oratory Teacher