Shared Stories – Nothing is Impossible

For the first time at Salesian College, the opportunity has been given to students from all year levels at the College to become part of the ‘Shared Stories’ Anthology of 2014. Shared Stories is an annual anthology of student art and creative writing, which is a collection of published works by students from Catholic Schools across the Melbourne Archdiocese and abroad. This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in, as this publication forms part of the permanent collection of the State Library of Victoria. It is also a chance for these students to showcase their talents, both artistic and written, within the Salesian Community.

The theme for 2014 is “Nothing is Impossible”, which encouraged students to interpret and think about a range of interesting and challenging issues that affect young people.

Student artworks were selected, based on their appropriateness in relation to the theme, skill and presentation in their selected medium. The following boys have been selected for submission, and any entries are still open for a short time. If you think to have what it takes, then see Ms Aylward, for entries for Art and Ms Paatsch for written entries.

Congratulations to the following boys for their submissions:

Submissions for Artworks

Year 7

Samuel Vanderhorst 7B, Naveen Amarendra 7B,

Year 8

Steven Kastanas 8F, Luka Petrov 8E, Carl Calaoagan 8C, Leon Plackal 8G, George Triskelidis 8A

Year 9

Corey Jansz 9B

Year 10

Fabrice Min Fa A1,

Year 11

Micheal Botros A2

Ros Aylward
Head of Visual Arts