Snow Trip

The moment you go on the bus, the fun starts. You meet people outside your peer group, you meet new staff, and you meet the people who you don’t talk to as much in your year level. Exiting school grounds, early, in a comfortable bus and in casual clothes, is the best feeling ever – especially when you have the most enjoyable weekend of your life awaiting you. Although the 4-hour drive to the lodge was tiring at times, the adrenaline and excitement builds the further you get from school.

The lodge seemed awesomefrom the outside, but once you entered the door it was even better. The fireplace was lit,and there was a game room! Two pool tables, a table tennis table… what else could you want?!

The drive up the mountain was highly entertaining. Students were in amazement, screaming and yelling like they had never seen snow before, “Oh my God, there’s SNOW! There’s SNOW!” There was even a reported sighting of a Polar Bear…who knew we had them in Australia! The main fun was had on the mountain. Skiing, snowboarding, falling… all of it was great. You know you did well when you started feeling the achiness and pain in your legs.

After the mountain, a rule was set in place; whoever swore had to do 2-minute ‘wall-sits’. The thought of doing wall-sits after skiing/snowboarding was already giving me pain. All the students were a wonderful help in the kitchen. Who knew they were such good cooks! There were cramps, tiredness and soreness the next day, but not one complaint. Mt Hotham was the best!

Thank you to Mr Bloom and Mrs Kimstra for organising such a great trip, and to Mr Beurs, Mr Barnes and Ms Weinberg for coming and helping out. We are looking forward to next year already.

Brandon Do

Thanks to Jerry Ji for taking our Snow Trip photos.

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