Social Justice News

On Tuesday 24 February, the Social Justice team ran a canteen in order to raise money for Project Compassion, a charitable agency which supports long term development programs in impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, East Timor, Latin America, Indigenous Australia and the Pacific. On the day, the canteen was selling cold drinks, chips, popcorn, lollies and our biggest seller, noodles.

With the combined effort of staff and students we managed to raise $603.35 which is a significant increase from the $323.80 we raised at the Swimming Carnival.

It is thanks to a group of volunteering students that the canteen ran so smoothly. These students are Gab Lubin, Michael Nguyen, Joey Tran, Hamish Patterson, Jackson Tate, Kyle Moldrich, Callum Hensman, Sam Sempio, Connor Perkins, Josh Ernestine, Anthony Bandalan, Arjun Girish and former student Jamie Hamilton. Thanks to these boys for their time and dedication.

Beau Watson
Social Justice Captain