Sovereign Hill Reflection

Sovereign Hill was an experience for education, fun and social time. We had the scheduled mine tour that provided information about the old mines, machinery and the Chinese mining story. The story was the most interesting part as it was shown through a projector on rocks that were dynamically moving with a very interesting story – very atmospheric. Also, pro tip, don’t put your hands on the barrier poles, they smell like rust after!

The other scheduled activity was the Education Centre. It was a talk and walk around Sovereign Hill discussing and learning about how the Industrial Revolution affected what happened in the past in Ballarat. I enjoyed everything about the talk as it was very informative and allowed me to learn something new about machines and the Industrial Revolution.

It was great to also explore the confectionary store, old style factories, see the animals, old houses and more! The only disappointing part to the day was the excessive rain! Overall Sovereign Hill was an educational and enjoyable experience.

David Luong, 9B