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Year 7 & 8

Year 7 sport got off to a great start this week in Basketball, Hockey and Table Tennis.
In the 7A’s Basketball team, the boys fell just short of victory against De La Salle losing 34-25.
The Year 7B’s went to a thrilling double overtime to decide their final result. Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t hold on against De La Salle losing 30-27.
The basketball is looking very promising in this year level and we look forward to seeing what comes of their season.
The Year 7 Hockey team fell short of victory, losing 5-0 against De La Salle.
The team looks very good and were just unlucky, considering most of the boys haven’t played before.
Year 7 Table Tennis won their game against De La Salle with a convincing 11 Sets 47 Games – 4 Sets 28 Games victory.

Year 8

Year 8A Basketball got their first win ever, which is a terrific effort.
The boys came close last week but finally pulled it off against Parade with a 24-14 victory.
The 8B’s unfortunately didn’t fare as well losing 59-13. The boys put in a tremendous effort and tried their best.
The Year 8 Hockey team are undefeated with two draws in the last two weeks. The boys have struggled to convert on the scoreboard with two dominating weeks in a row.
The Year 8 Table Tennis team has won one game and lost three in a competitive season to date. The boys have pushed teams and were unlucky not to beat St Bedes.

Year 9 & 10

Year 9 Table Tennis were blown out in their first game but have just fell short of victory two weeks in a row against De La Salle and St Bernard’s College.
Year 9 Hockey started off well with a 2-1 victory against rivals Mazenod. The last two weeks they have lost but were right in the game until the very end.
Year 9A Basketball has been very strong winning two of their four games. This is a huge improvement as they look for a finals birth.
Year 9B Basketball has been unlucky not to win all their matches so far. The boys are sitting 1-3 with a very difficult run.

Year 10 Table Tennis has struggled the last few weeks, losing all their matches so far this season. The boys are looking to get on the winners’ board next week.
Year 10 Hockey has started the Season 2-1 which looks very promising. Their upcoming match against Parade next week is their true test so far this season.
Year 10A Basketball started the season with a win but have struggled since not being able to win in a few close matches. The boys play against Parade college next week.
Year 10B Basketball also started with a win this season but have struggled in their last two games. hopefully they get a win next week.


Senior Basketball A have started the season very slowly but have had vast improvement over the last few weeks. The boys are looking to get their first win for this season next week against Parade.
Senior Basketball B have been very unlucky in their last two games, as they were unable to close out the opposition.
Senior Hockey are currently undefeated and sitting 3rd on the ladder. This is our strongest team for the term with the boys having the ability to make it all the way into the finals.
Senior Table Tennis came close to beating De La Salle in their first game but were unfortunately outplayed against a tough Mazenod team.

All the best to the boys in their upcoming matches.

Mr Domenic Scarpino
Sports Assistant