Sports Footwear

Appropriate Footwear for Physical Activity and Sport

The College would like to highlight the need for students wearing sport uniform to ensure they are wearing appropriate footwear. Footwear such as slip- on shoes, Converse chuck tailors, Dunlop volleys, slimline Adidas/ Puma/ Asics and martial arts shoes are not acceptable footwear with the College’s sports uniform. Many of these shoes are based on obsolete technology and are not designed to provide support to the ankle or arch structure, resulting in possible foot disorders and injuries when the foot is allowed to move excessively in the shoe or come out of the shoe during sport and physical activity.

Not Appropriate:





Proper footwear is essential for physical activity. Shoes worn in sports require a tightly laced strap or strings to provide the best stability, must provide sufficient grip for all surfaces and provide support through the arch of the foot