Sports Report


After a fine Egan Davey Cup, the Senior Soccer First XI have been undefeated. The boys defeated  the reigning champions, Emmanuel College, 4-3 & then the boys travelled to Whitefriars to record a 2-0 win. The best players against Emmanuel were Delarno Pharoe, Anthony Te & Sathvik Hemantharaju. The best against Whitefriars were Delarno Pharoe, Anthony Te & Matthew Hennessey.
Good luck in the next match when we entertain our neighbours De La Salle at home, on Wednesday 6 May at 1:30pm.

Senior Football have been unlucky in their first 3 weeks losing all their games but pushed Parade to their limits in their second game.
All the best for them against St. Bedes next week on Wednesday.

Year 9 & 10

Year 9 & 10 Football also recorded their first wins in their first games.
A special mention must go out to the Year 10 Football team, they recorded their first win in over a year.

Year 9 Soccer lost their first game but have come back strong winning their second game 5-0 against Mazenod, and a draw 2-2 with Whitefriars.

Year 10 Soccer started strong with a 9-0 win against Simonds in their first game of the season. The boys travel to Mazenod for the derby match next Tuesday.

Year 7 & 8

Year 7 Football started strong with a 56 point win against Whitefriars College last week. They put on a fine performance as a team with some standout players such as Jem Oner, Jacob Curry, Robert Amendola & James Marchese.

Year 7 Soccer A’s played their first game last week and lost unfortunately. The boys are looking to bounce back this week against Parade College.

Year 7 Soccer B’s played out a loss against Parade so they are also looking to bounce back this week against Whitefriars College.

Year 8 Soccer B’s played out a draw in their first game with Whitefriars with the end result 2-2.

Year 8 Soccer A’s play their first game this week & Year 8 Football begin their journey next week.

Good luck to all the boys for this weeks and next week’s games.