Sports Update


It is the beginning of another school year, this means swimming is back on the sporting calendar.

The following are the dates for swimming training, to be held at Oakleigh Recreation Centre:

  1. 8 February
  2. 10 February
  3. 15 February
  4. 17 February

All Training times will commence at 7:00am and conclude at 8:00am.

School Swimming Carnival

Friday 12 February

ACC Swimming Carnival

Friday 19 February


ACC Senior Sport

ACC senior sport begins this week with Tennis, Volleyball & Cricket.

Term 1 involves only Seniors competing in the ACC competition.

Round 1 Vs St Bedes

Salesian hosted St Bedes in both Tennis and Volleyball.

The results were very promising in the first round for 2016.

Tennis Results

Salesian 7 Sets 79 Games Def. ST Bedes 5 Sets 62 Games

Volleyball Results

Volleyball A

St Bedes 3 Sets 96 Points Def. Salesian 1 Set 82 Points

Volleyball B

Salesian 2 Sets 61 Points Def. St Bedes 1 Set 56 Points

Volleyball A was unfortunate this week but we are positive that they will peak throughout the season. Volleyball B and Tennis got out to a tremendous start winning their first game.

Cricket Results

Salesian travelled to St Bedes College for the opening match of the season.

St Bedes End of Innings 5/175 Def. Salesian All Out for 88.

Unfortunately we were unable to get a win in our first game. Next week is a big home game against St Bernard’s at Essex Heights Reserve.


Mr Domenic Scarpino
Sport Assistant