St Patrick’s Day Mass

On the Thursday 14 March the class captains of Year 7 went to the St Patrick’s Day Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in East Melbourne. When we arrived, we saw people from different schools from the Archdiocese of Melbourne. There were around 250 Primary and Secondary Schools. We went into the Cathedral and Brother Barry took many photos.

The first thing we noticed when we walked in the cathedral, were the colours of the school flags – interestingly, a couple of schools were celebrating their anniversaries, such as St Kevin’s Hampton Park who were 25 years and St Bernard’s who turned 150 years old this year.

Following the archbishop Denis J. Hart DD walking in, the Introductory Rites, Entrance Hymn was sung; ‘Christ, be our light’.

Students who were Catholic received communion and students who were not, were invited to receive a blessing by crossing their arms across their chest. Then the blessing was performed and the flag bearers where dismissed from the cathedral first and then all other schools were led by their teachers. Everybody was then invited to go to the St Patrick’s Day concert, which included the Police Band. As we had lots of work to finish at school, Brother Barry took the class captains back to school.

Geordie Nagle
(Class Captain 7C, on behalf of all Year 7 Class Captains)