Student Congress

Student Congress is a formal event for all Student Leaders of Salesian College Chadstone. The event was attended by over 80 leaders, including our Years 7-9 Class and Co-Captains, Year 10-11 House and Vice Captains, and all of our Year 12 Captains and Ambassadors. Based on ideas presented in our Term Two Congress, and after weeks of accumulated work, our leaders prepared formal proposals (comprising of research and recommendations) which they presented to each other, and to our College Leadership Team.

Student Congress is such an important event, where the student voice is not just heard, but celebrated. There was a large spread of delicious breakfast snacks and drinks on offer for the Student Leaders, as a sign of our appreciation for all the hard work they have undertaken to better our College. Through this forum, our student leaders are empowered as independent critical thinkers and emissaries of change. The opportunity to speak passionately in front of a large audience was an invaluable experience for our young men that will hopefully assist them in their future personal and professional endeavours.

It is an honour to work with such vibrant and capable young men. Mr Anthony Barnes and I hope that student-focused events such as this one will encourage all Salesian boys, not just our leaders, to always persevere to be positive influences in our community.

 Mrs Malwina Dwyer
Student Leadership Coordinator

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