Student Leadership Day

Friday 30 January saw the 2015 College leaders gather on their last day of school holidays to spend the day at the Mannix Campus.  The aim of the day was to provide the leaders an opportunity to discuss their goals, ideas and build on skills for leading the school in what will be another successful year.

The day began with Director of Mission and teacher, Mrs. Nadia Knight who ran a session on what is it to be a Christian leader. It was in this session where the students worked in groups to discuss Don Bosco’s work with young men and understand how he was able to lead and help so many boys, so well. This session produced some great thinking and ideas surrounding leadership.
The below quotes came from students on the day:

  • As leaders, we will help our fellow students selflessly giving them the gift of courage, providing an example so that they will not be afraid to use their voice and spread love (Jake D)
  • It is crucial that we as a leadership team set goals that will help us benefit the school leaders and entire school community. We use our love, courage and enthusiasm to help others voice their opinions in order to reach out envisioned goal. Our success will impact on the community. (Anthony B)
  • Help, voice, gifts, love, courage and enthusiasm all go under the main idea of compassion. Compassion is extremely important when aiming towards success (Stephen A)
  • Together, as leaders, we can use our gifts to help give voice to our beliefs of spreading love, courage and enthusiasm in the leadership team and the entire school community (Daniel S)

The next session involved boys understanding what makes a good leader and how can they make sure they are not just representing each other, but the whole school community. Students then created statements about what it means to be a team according to Don Bosco:

  • Don Bosco’s idea of a team was to work towards a single goal that is unachievable to earn alone and follow through with a leader that is able to leave ‘that’ legacy
  • Leading by example for future generations
  • Putting others before yourself to achieve a common goal
  • Treating everyone equally and with the utmost respect
  • Making sure everyone is heard
  • Drawing on personal and past experiences
  • Having effective communication

The day ended with the student leaders meeting with their Heads of Houses and Year Level Coordinators to begin reflecting on 2014 and the goal setting process for 2015.

Below is Edwin Saravanapavaan’s comment about the day:
We learnt to aim as a group, in the methodology that Saint John Bosco had displayed years ago. Referring back to his letter, we all learnt that it is not just the leader’s task to lead and speak for the cohort but guide each and every student, pull them aboard the boat and guide them to success. “We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” –Martin Luther King Jr. The boat, ship, raft, whatever it may be, we believe that we were in it together, and will continue Don Bosco’s legacy at Salesian College.

Ms Ivey and Ms Galante
Student Leadership Coordinators