Student Leadership

As part of preparing our Student Leaders for their duties in 2016, the boys have attended a weekly leadership program throughout Head Start.

Each session was aimed to focus on different aspects of leadership, with the boys leaving for holidays with new skills, ideas and an understanding of what is required of them in 2016.

Some of the sessions have included past Salesian student leaders as a guest panel which the boys asked questions regarding their experience as leaders and any words of wisdom to pass on.

The program also included special guest Steve Pantelidis (Salesian old boy) from the Oakleigh Cannons returning to the college. Steve spoke highly about his time at Salesian but also discussed with boys how leadership continues after school life, into their chosen careers or sporting commitments.

Another guest speaker included Lauren Hichaaba from the Salesians of Don Bosco who is also the Director of the Cagliero Project. Lauren spoke to the boys about Salesian leadership, what it means to be a Salesian leader and how it can relate to real world experiences. Her session was extremely interesting and inspiring for the boys to see how their dedication to social justice and leadership can continue beyond school.

We would like to thank the leaders for their participation and engaging thoughtfully throughout their program. We look forward to working with you all in 2016 in what will be another successful year for Student Leadership at Salesian College.

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Rachel Ivey and Elissa Galante
Teacher and Student Leadership Coordinators