Student Reflections – Year 8 Experiential Week

On Monday 7 August we had Medieval Day, and I thought that it was a lot of fun. We learnt about lots of different things like costumes, arms and armour, medieval games and medieval music. My favourite activity was probably learning about the arms and armour, because you got to see what they use to fight with, and how hard and dangerous it would have been to fight back then. I loved that we got to play a little game of fencing with foam swords. I learnt that with a chop of your sword, you could kill you opponent instantly. I also learnt that you should never trust someone for what they say about history – you should always look it up, just in case.

Then on Tuesday, we had Environmental Day, which was very interesting because we learnt about a lot of things, like what goes into each bin. Then we went to our Mannix campus to do some tree planting, because the pathway was looking a bit boring. That was really fun, because I got to dig holes to put the plants into. I was also lucky enough to get a photo with the Mayor, which was pretty cool. I also learnt that if I can scrunch a piece of paper up then it has to go into the rubbish bin, but if you scrunch it up and it bounces back to its shape, then it has to go into the recycling. I also learnt that people from Monash go around looking in your bin, and if they find three things in your bin that aren’t supposed to be in there, then they’ll put three strikes on your bin. This means that your bin will not be picked up. I also learned in tree planting that there are a lot of plants that have the same first name, but have a different second name.

Then for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I went to Year 8 Retreat. I really enjoyed the retreat because there was a lot of activities to do, like the Giant Swing, Flying Fox, High Ropes, the beach walk and our visit to ‘Amazing Things’. My favourite activities would have been the Giant Swing and the beach walk. The Giant Swing was 18 metres high, and was really fun! I also liked the beach walk because we actually got to go into the water and have a little swim, even though it was really cold. Even though the free time wasn’t an activity, I liked it because we could play some basketball, footy and table tennis. Even though we were often in our cabins, I really enjoyed just laughing with my friends, talking with each other and of course, eating lollies with each other.

Joshua Eames


During Medieval Day, we learnt about what they wore during the medieval times. We also learnt about the armoury and weaponry of medieval times. I learnt that the armour was much heavier than I imagined. Following the armoury and weaponry activity, we played some medieval games, including ‘Koop’ and ‘Medieval tiggy’. I learnt that this ‘tiggy’ game was usually used to approach and have a conservation with a girl, because medieval families didn’t allow the boys to talk to the girls. Finally, we had the medieval instruments activity, which was (in my opinion) the best activity. We had a musician and historian talk to us about the unique instruments of medieval times. He was really good at playing those instruments and we got to play a game at the end. Overall, this activity taught me a lot about medieval times.

Next, on Environmental Day, we had someone talk to us about biodiversity and recycling. I didn’t know that it was such a waste making one bottle. I also heard from the presenter that we should switch to fabric bags, like the Aldi ones, because the plastic bags are hurting our environment. Then we were off to sports. After sports, we went to Mannix to clean up before planting. After lunch, we started planting. I found Environmental Day quite fun. I liked cleaning up and planting the most.

Finally, on the Wednesday we were off to camp. The first activity was the Giant Swing. I was terrified because I had never been on it, but after my friends took a go, I saw how fun it was and I tried it. It was really scary when falling, because after pulling the string you fall as fast as a stone. The next activity was the Flying Fox. I had done this before, so it wasn’t as terrifying as the Giant Swing. The high ropes were also really terrifying, even knowing that you are secured and safe, but I did it anyway. The most memorable moment was probably reading the letter from my parents. I learnt how much my parents cared for me because of this letter, and I wrote back and thanked them for all they have done for me.
Johnny Ta



This week at school, from August 7 to 11, has been probably the best, most fun week ever. First of all, on the Monday we had Medieval Day. Medieval Day was great because we got to learn about the past in a way that we could never do on a daily basis. We learnt about a range of things; including the clothes they wore, their arms and armour, and the games and weird instruments they played. We got to do a lot of hands on stuff during the day. We got to dress up as they did, and at the same learn about the ranks; from the peasants, to the knights, to the kings. The games we played were actually really fun. They were games that are even fun enough to play know, which was pretty surprising to me.

After Medieval Day we had Environmental Day, which was really good as well. Now, at the start of the day, when I woke up, I thought it was going to be really bad, but I was very, very surprised as I actually had a great time. We learnt about the ecosystem in Monash, what animals there are and what animals have been moved because of us moving into this part of Victoria and breaking down their plants and trees. To help this issue, we broke up into groups and cleaned up the rubbish and planted trees. We had to do the ‘hard yards’, like mixing up the dirt, placing down mulch, and also learning how to plant the trees. We planted two different types of trees, but to be honest I have actually forgotten what they were. Before all this hard work we learnt about recycling, what to put in the recycling and what to put in the normal bin. To be honest, I was quite surprised about all the things I have been doing wrong, which I feel bad about now after learning about the effects.

The last three days of camp at Phillip Island were pretty good. The Giant Swing was 18 metres high, and I knew if I didn’t go to the top it would probably haunt me forever. So I decided that I had to go to the top, which I did, it was really fun because it kind of gave you the feel of jumping off something high and freefalling, but after about 3 seconds of that, you get caught up in the harness. We also did the Flying Fox, which was probably my favourite activity because it allowed me to be in the air for a good 20 seconds. After that we had some free time playing Ping Pong and Table Tennis.

The second day was all about the activities. We did the high ropes, which was really good because we got to test our strength and balance on a 10-metre-high ropes course. We had to help people from the ground to get across all of the parts of the high ropes. We then went to ‘Amazing Things’, which was about illusions. Now that was really strange, and got everyone excited. We had to go through a maze, collect all of the flags and get back. It’s funny because it was really hard to get out. I thought finding my way through would be harder. The beach walk was our last activity before we returned to school.

Jay Rossington