Student Report – Melbourne F1

March is always a huge month for the Melbourne automotive scene. Many across Australia and the world came to witness the first race of the Formula 1 Season 2015 at Albert Park. Lucky enough 10P were invited to see what Melbourne and the Formula 1 have to offer.

We started our day with 10 boys and myself meeting at Oakleigh Station. The train was coming at 9:51am so we all decided to meet at 9:30am. As we get on the train, it was flooded by many people heading off to work but luckily we only had a few stops until we had to get off and get on other line. We arrived at Malvern Station, our meeting point, and then walked down Dandenong Rd to catch the tram down to the track.

As we arrived you could hear loads of revving noises coming from the track. We were all getting exited! Our teacher, Mr Beckham, gave us all one hour to go check out the track and see how much free stuff we could get. Sadly no one got anything that day. We had to meet back at Turn 14 with our group to watch the F1 come past for their first practice race for the 2015 season. All the boys were excited, since this was their first F1 experience. We watched the F1 fly past at ridiculous speeds. I was taking photos trying to get a decent shot. With 1 hour to go with the Practice Run, we were allowed to walk around Albert Park to get a better view of the F1. We ended up walking to Turn 10 which is on the other side of the track. While walking to Turn 10, I was able to get a selfie with Craig Lowndes! (Professional V8 Supercar driver for Red Bull).

When the F1 Practice Run finished everyone had to meet back at our meeting place since most boys were being dismissed at 3pm. There was only Mr Beckham, 1 other boy and myself who stayed. We were allowed to walk around the track. We decided to walk to the VIP area where the new hybrid Ferrari was on display “LaFarrari”. Sadly this car is illegal in this country since it is Left Hand Drive, so it was a once in a life time experience to be able to see this supercar up close. We kept walking and we found ourselves in the V8 pit. We were not allowed inside the pits but we were able to watch and see what goes on behind the scenes and other stuff you rarely see on TV.

As we walked back to meet with Mr Beckham, we heard this loud noise coming from the distance. No one was sure what it was. A few moments later, this massive noise came closer to us. It was the RAAF F/A18 Jet doing the Annual Air Display for the F1! The noise was so loud you could feel the sound vibrate in your chest. After the Air Display, we met with our teacher to watch the last practice session for the day. We watched most of the session from Turn 1. When the session finished, we knew the wonderful day had come to an end. We took the tram back to Malvern Station and headed home. I’d like to thank everyone who organised this day, it was an amazing experience for all students and teachers.

The sun was out and the weather was mild. Perfect weather conditions for everybody to head out and enjoy the day. I am sure many people watched the action over the 3 day weekend. It was such an amazing weekend. However, it was sad news for the home grown Aussie, Daniel Ricciardo. Daniel only finished in 6th place that weekend but congratulations to Lewis Hamilton for winning the Australian Grand Prix and Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel for making podium.

Terence Fatouros
10P Student

All photos below taken by Terence on the day:

5 IMG_1787 IMG_1977 IMG_2030 IMG_2037 IMG_2101 IMG_2152 IMG_2160 IMG_2243 IMG_2265 IMG_2283 IMG_2330