Swimming Carnival 2013

On the Friday 15 February, the annual school house Swimming Carnival was held at the Oakleigh Recreation Centre pool. The day started off with the Year 7 freestyle events and it was great to see the amount of year seven students giving it their all to contribute to the overall house cup points. As the age groups got older, the competition and house spirit grew intensely as Annecy and Collinson were chanting off at each end of the pool. Outstanding performances from Nabil Tedjokusumo, Kieran Roach, Alex Gudzoski and Gerald Min Farfan made the events that much more exciting to watch.

Mass participation in the events such as tug of war, boogie board and relays meant that everyone was able to give it a go, which made the day exciting for everyone even if they weren’t the strongest of swimmers. The tug of war events were dominated by Savio house and closely followed by Collinson which made the race for the house cup that much harder to call until the final scores were tallied.

As the summer sun grew hotter, students were taking any opportunity to have a swim; consequently, there were very few events with missing competitors. The day finished off with the relays, with what felt like Annecy dominating the majority of the victories. The final event was Year 12 student vs. teacher relays which is always the highlight of the day. The students from Annecy house started off brilliantly but when it came to the last swimmer, Mr Radley was far too good and was able to beat all the students.

The results were tallied thanks to the hard work of Mr Groves and his helpers. Annecy were crowned victorious for the 2013 House Swimming Cup.

A huge thanks to all the teacher helpers and other volunteers who made the day run smoothly and a huge congratulations to not only the swimmers who won their events, but all those who gave it a go.

Stuart Anderson
AFL Trainee Sport