Swimming Carnival – Social Justice Canteen

The ‘House Swimming Carnival’ this year was held on Friday 11 February, and as usual we achieved outstanding Social Justice success as the hungry swimmers swarmed to our Social Justice canteen. The Social Justice team at Salesian organised a canteen which sold pre-ordered sausages in bread, cans of soft drink, chips, popcorn and icy poles. A special thanks to those involved in organising and contributing to the success of the Canteen on the day. In particular, to the teachers; Miss Tsiavis, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Knight and Mr McGarry for their guidance and swift operations on the day. Thanks also to Barb and the canteen members for organising the amount of food required, and to the Pre-Cal and VCAL boys who were responsible for cooking up the barbeque and serving the food. Their efforts and determination enabled them to cook up a monstrous amount of over 600 sausages! Finally, I would like to thank Mission Ambassador, Justin Tan, and volunteers on the day for their time spent running the canteen. The total amount of money raised for Project Compassion, through Caritas Australia was $1620!

Patrick Lov
Social Justice Captain