Teaching and Learning in Religious Education

Teaching and Learning is the core business in all schools, and Religious Education is central to our Catholic and Salesian school. The team at Salesian College continues to work tirelessly to improve teaching and make learning engaging for our boys, leading them to an encounter with Christ.

Last week, the RE team spent a day developing a curriculum which goes beyond the attainment of academic knowledge, to lead students to reflect and ask questions about what they have learnt and how it impacts their thinking and their lives. This Pedagogy of Encounter allows our boys to ask:

What do I think and sense?

  • What do I think about this?
  • What questions does this raise for me?
  • Why am I responding in this way?
  • How does this impact on who I am in the world, as a part of a Catholic learning community?

What do I think now and why?

  • What do I think now?
  • How have I grown?
  • What influences my thinking and why?
  • What further questions does this raise for me?
  • What will I do differently now?

What do others think and why?

  • What is at the heart of this topic for each perspective?
  • Are there hidden worldviews to uncover?
  • What visions for life do these perspectives reveal?
  • What connects with my experience or thinking?
  • What challenges me?
  • What questions do I have now?

How am I called into a deeper relationship with others and God?

  • How does this experience call me to be more?
  • How does this impact on my spirituality?
  • How do I explore my inner voice?
  • Who am I in this?
  • How am I becoming conscious of a higher, deeper, more valued reality, beyond the senses?

What does the Catholic Church teach and why?

  • What’s at the heart of this topic for the Catholic Church?
  • What might different members of the Church bring to this?
  • What visions for life does this perspective reveal?
  • Why does the Church put this view?
  • How is this different from other religious perspectives?
  • How might it challenge secular positions?
  • What connects with my experience or thinking?
  • What challenges my thinking?
  • What are my questions now

At Salesian College, our Religious Education curriculum aims to educate our boys on the Catholic Church teaching, to understand why the Church teaches it and how this changes, challenges and encourages us to be better versions of ourselves. This is what we mean when we talk about our boys encountering Christ in our world today.

Congratulations and thank you to our RE Team: Mr Noel McGarry (Head of Religious Education Curriculum), Mrs Sarah Roberts (Liturgy and Retreat Co-Ordinator) and Ms Lexi Tsiavis (Social Justice Co-Ordinator) for their faith and passion in this very important area of our mission and work.

Mrs Nadia Knight
Assistant Principal – Faith and Mission