The Annecy Victory

When the 2014 Swimming Carnival began on a day with hardly a cloud in the sky, everybody present knew it would be something special. This Carnival had by far the best atmosphere and banter between houses in recent memory. Each house had its own cheer squad and chants which they yelled passionately throughout the day. Drums, the occasional vuvuzela, and of course costumes all added to the great support from the stands. The swimming itself was excellent, with very few empty lanes and extremely close races. This year heralded the introduction of a new event, where every house in their Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions aimed to have as many students as they could get to swim one length of the pool. Savio house managed to get the most boys in the pool, yet unfortunately for them, it was one of their few victories for the day. Moroney house led throughout the Carnival, and seemed a sure thing to win it, yet it was Annecy house who were triumphant in victory, edging out their rivals by a single point. Collinson finished third, which left Savio as the unlucky recipients of last place. Yet another win in the Swimming Carnival puts Annecy in pole position at the start of this year’s house cup, but as we all know, there’s still a long way to go.

Patrick Atallah, A3