The College Advisory Board

The College Advisory Board meets six times each year to monitor the development and management of the College. The focus of attention for the Board recently has been the Development Plan. Following the rollout of the ‘Laptop Program’, close consideration has been given to the capacity of the College Community to proceed with the refurbishment of the Science Facilities in the Fedrigotti Wing. While there is lack of clarity around the Gonski Plan concerning the level of funding for Education into the future, trusting in the promise that there will be at least the same level of funding that we now receive, the Board has approved the refurbishment of science facilities, and in recent days provision for temporary relocation of classes have been underway.
The College Advisory Board, on behalf of the College Community, is grateful to the Salesian Provincial Council for approval to proceed to raise the necessary loan that enables the work on this much needed upgrading of our Science facilities. Thankfully, the administration of the College enjoys a high level of credibility and The Advisory Board is recognised for its diligence in maintaining a dependable level of accountability. The next meeting of the College Advisory Board is on Tuesday 4 June.

Fr John Papworth S.D.B.
College Advisory Board Chairman.