Too Many Cooks Don’t Spoil The Broth

Members of the Salesian Community are still cooking meals for a family at the college. We need your help. If you can assist and cook a meal it would be greatly appreciated. There are three males in the family with no dietary requirements. The meals can be dropped off to Barb in the canteen. If you have any questions or queries you can contact Denise Forster on 0418508060 or email
Our next Parents Association Meeting is on Tuesday 10 June.

It would be wonderful to see some new faces at the meeting
Time: 7:00pm – meet in the College Foyer
Meeting duration: Approximately 1 hour.
Representatives present: The Principal or a nominee of the Leadership Team is in attendance and delivers news about current College happenings.
Typical agenda items: The Parents’ Association discuss the events at hand and what is required to assist the College. It is a social and interactive evening and we welcome all parents and friends of the college to attend.

Future Parents Association Meetings
Date: Tuesday 29 July
Time: 7:00pm – meet in the College Foyer

Tuesday 2 September
Time: 7:00pm – meet in the College Foyer

Upcoming Events

Father’s Day Breakfast
Friday 5 September