Uniform and Appearance in Terms Two and Three

The boys were reminded last week of the College’s expectations regarding uniform and appearance during the colder months.  The details the boys received appears below for your information. It would be very much appreciated if parents and guardians were to assist the College in maintaining high standards in terms of uniform and appearance.

Students are expected to maintain a high standard in the wearing of their College uniform and in their personal presentation at all times. All students have a responsibility to:

  • wear their uniform correctly, neatly and proudly at all times
  • refrain from adopting extreme fashions in dress, hairstyles and appearance, and not wear jewellery (apart form a cross on a simple chain)
  • be clean shaven.

Boys who do not fulfil these responsibilities both at school and on their way to and from the College may receive consequences including Cautions and Uniform Detentions.  Saturday Detentions will be issued to boys in instances where the infringement is of an especially serious nature, or, where a student continually infringes.


  • The College blazer must be worn when travelling to and from school and to Period 1.

Shirts and Ties

  • Shirts must be long-sleeved. They must be tucked in, top buttons done up and ties neatly adjusted.


  • Students may wear plain grey or navy scarves.  No other scarves may be worn.

Facial Hair

  • Students must be clean-shaven.


  • Extreme styles (obviously dyed hair, extravagant use of gel, ‘tails’, shaved, uneven length etc.) are not allowed.  Long hair must be tied back.


  • Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, chains and/or other jewellery items other than a simple crucifix on a metal chain.

Dealing with the colder weather in Terms Two and Three

  • The College jumper is the only kind that may be worn.
  • Boys may wear a white singlet or a white short-sleeved tee shirt below their shirts.  No other items including skivvies with polo necks and/or long sleeves are to be worn.
  • Tracksuit tops are not to be worn beneath the jumper and/or blazer.
  • Beanies and non-Salesian caps are not to be worn.
  • Gloves/mittens may not be worn in classes.

Sports Uniform

  • Boys may wear a plain white singlet or an unadorned white short-sleeved tee shirt below their sport uniform.  No other items are to be worn beneath the sports top.
  • Boys may not wear their College jumper with their sports uniform
  • Runners are to be worn with the sports uniform.


  • Students must wear black leather school shoes with the formal uniform.


  • A note from the student’s parent/guardian must be given to the Year Level Co-ordinator in instances where a boy is out of uniform.  Excuses such as ‘it is in the wash’ will not be accepted.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal