Uniform and Appearance

It is always pleasing to see so many boys wearing their uniforms perfectly and being so well presented. We are grateful to parents/guardians for their assistance in resolving any issues with regard to uniform, hair and jewellery that might have arisen. We would expect all boys to be well attired and presented each day.
There have been a few issues with the hairstyles of a few boys in recent weeks and a majority of these have been rectified with the cooperation of the boys and their families. With changes in fashion it is useful at times for us to remind ourselves of the College expectations so these issues can be foreseen and steps taken so that they do not become an issue which takes the focus away from our primary objective of teaching and learning.
Below is an excerpt from the College Planner regarding expectations. If parents have any questions please do not hesitate to contact your son’s homeroom mentor in the first instance or the Head of House/Year Level Coordinator.

Uniform Expectations
All students have a responsibility to:
- Wear their uniform correctly, neatly and proudly at all times
- Refrain from adopting extreme fashions in dress, hairstyles and appearance, and avoid the wearing of jewellery; and
- Be clean shaven.

Facial Hair
- Students must be clean-shaven.

- Students must have neat and well groomed hair. Extreme styles (dyed hair, extravagant use of gel, ‘tails’, uneven length, cut lower than #2, etc) are not permitted.

- Boys are not permitted to wear earrings, chains and/or other jewellery items other than a crucifix on a simple metal chain.

A note from the student’s parent/guardian must be given to the Year Level Co-ordinator or Head of House in instances where a boy is out of uniform for any reason.

John Visentin,
Deputy Principal, Student Services