Unit 2 Media – Live Audience Members on Network 10 ‘The Project’

On Wednesday 3 September, students completing Unit 2 Media were live audience members for the television show ‘The Project’. As part of Unit 2 Media, students learn about the Media Production Industry and this excursion allowed students to see firsthand how a television show is filmed and broadcasted. They saw the ‘behind the scenes’ processes of the program as it is filmed live and saw how hair and makeup, auto cue, audience involvement and ad breaks are executed professionally.  Students were able to interact with the hosts which included, (3 time Gold Logie winner) Rove McManus, Carrie Bickmore, Peter Helliar and Todd Sampson (The Gruen Transfer).

Below are some student reflections of their experience:

Our Year 11 Media class travelled to be part of a live audience on ‘The Project’ at Channel Ten Studios. The hosts for the night were Carrie Bickmore, Rove McManus, Peter Helliar and Todd Sampson. The hosts interacted with the audience during breaks and appeared to love their jobs. The Director of the show seemed to be extremely focused and rarely broke composure to joke around with the hosts – I’d imagine his job is super stressful at times! The night was thoroughly enjoyable with heaps of clapping and laughing and I will definitely be going again soon. Thank you to Ms Ivey and the Art department for giving us the opportunity to go to ‘The Project’.
Connor Andrews (11C)

The excursion that our Year 11 Media class was a part of took us to be audience members for ‘The Project’ on Channel 10. We were able to see a large portion of what happens behind the scenes of a live television show as well as take part in recording some sections for later on in the show. One thing that I noticed in particular was that the presenters are only dressed up on the sections that can be seen on camera, while the rest is relatively casual. For example, Rove McManus wore a suit top and jeans. It was interesting to be behind the scenes, as we were able to view exactly how the show is shot and just how a small studio can be transformed via camera to look three times its usual size. The best part was how the presenters enjoyed talking to anyone and everyone in the audience, as well as checking their phones during breaks or during a pre-recorded interview. I was lucky enough to have a detailed conversation after the show with Rove about ‘Doctor Who’.

James Ellis (11A)