Updating your child’s medical details on PAM

We are implementing an improved way of recording Medical Details of boys at Salesian College. The process will now be done electronically though PAM. We are asking all parents to enter this information in PAM by Friday 23 February. The process will take from 2-10 minutes per child.

Note: All parents need to have an email they check regularly for updates and requests. Also note that during the process if your child has an Action Plan for a medical condition you will be asked to upload it electronically.


  1. Go to PAM

Log in using the details provided by us– if you are having problems logging in contact support@salesian.vic.edu.au

2. Verify your email on PAM as shown below.


3. Note the reminder indicator on the top right, if there is number there as shown below, then there is something you need to do:


Click on the item. This will take you to the Medical Profile (alternatively click on your Child’s name then click on Medical Profile of left):


4. Fill in the Medical Details and confirm.

This system will soon also be used for excursion permissions so keep an eye out for that update.

Rob Mercer
AP – School Organisation