VCAA Exams

When the Year 12 boys return to school on Tuesday 12 April they will have just 108 school days ahead of them. However, they will have a total of 215 days before the commencement of VCAA exams on Wednesday 26 October. For me, these simple statistics highlight two of the eternal truths about education. Firstly, school time is precious. Every lesson frittered away with inattention and every day missed due to a bit of a cold is a chunk of time that will never come back. It is important, therefore, that boys are on time all the time and that they aim for a perfect attendance record. The second point is that our Year 12s have lots of days away from school due to term holidays, weekends, public holidays and staff days. Clearly, not all of this time should be devoted to school work. However, significant parts of holidays, weekends, staff days and the like should be given over to study. Whether it be revision of units that have already been completed or working on current units of study boys should ensure that they are working purposefully when they are not at school. In the coming school holidays, the boys will have eighteen days off school. It is a very human and a very tempting thing to say, ‘I’ll start tomorrow’, or ‘I’ll do it this afternoon.’  Don Bosco’s way, whether it be embarking on a new project or some minor domestic chore, was to do things ‘At once!’ As usual, Don Bosco nails it.  Get stuck into it ‘at once’ boys. Time is marching on and the coming holidays are a fantastic opportunity to regroup, refresh and get ahead of the game.

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal