VCAL Website

The VCAL Website was created not only to promote the VCAL curriculum, but to show parents and students what applied learning looks like at Salesian College. We thought the best way to showcase VCAL was to show what we do throughout our senior years at Salesian College. We are delighted to display our projects to the community!

The website was created by Year 11 Intermediate VCAL student Terence Fatouros. Terence worked tirelessly to create this website and make it ‘live’.

“The website was created using an online platform called Squarespace. The website started off as a plain white background and slowly grew into what is now, I started off with the design. I wanted to design a clean but stylish interface while also keeping the true colours on Salesian (blue, grey and red). The website will also showcase the Year 12 Caravan Project – The Senior VCAL class have worked in conjunction with the Caravan Association of Victoria to renovate an old caravan. Check out their blog where you can watch the renovation from start to finish. We are also very excited to announce the launch VCAL Inc. This is an online store where all the Year 11 intermediate VCAL boys will sell the products they have created. These include projects like a hand crafted wooden surfboard, a skate ramp and cigar box guitars (to name but a few). We are very excited to announce this website to the community to really show all that VCAL has to offer.”

– Terence Fatouros

We hope you enjoy browsing the site, it is a credit to the hard work of all our boys!

Check out the website here

Mrs Paula Hanley
Head of Applied Learning