VCE Italian Immigration Excursion

As part of their VCE Italian studies the Year 11 and 12 Italian students visited both the Museo Italiano in Carlton and the Immigration Museum. The boys enjoyed the experience and were able to gain a deeper insight into particular immigrant stories. They also expanded their knowledge of the reasons why many individuals and families decided to leave their homeland, Italy, in search of a better life, love, fortune or adventure.

The boys improved their language skills by participating in an interactive and intensive language session at Co.As.It . During the session they were able to explore particular immigration stories by looking at artefacts or objects that immigrants brought with them. This gave the boys an insight into the contribution made to Melbourne by Italian Immigrants. The lasting contribution made by the Italian community in Melbourne is obvious when one walks along the streets of Carlton. The boys also learnt that the contribution has been significant in various aspects of life. Although we generally think of Italian Cuisine, a mark has also been left on Melbourne’s cultural life in the spheres of Art and Music, as well as Architecture and in the Sporting arena. And that’s just to name a few! As the boys walked through the Museo Italiano they completed language activities in Italian and were able to see items of significance that were brought to Australia as well as a timeline of significant immigration events.

The Immigration Museum provided a more general understanding of immigration from various cultures. The walk through experience allowed the boys an insight into the immigrant mindset and the emotional side to immigration. They were able to appreciate some of the challenges faced by immigrants to Australia, in particular after WWII. At the Immigration Museum the boys completed a booklet in Italian looking again at the many reasons why people of various cultures and backgrounds have chosen or been forced to leave their homelands and come to Australia. It was a successful day enjoyed by all and the boys have a better appreciation of the struggles and challenges faced by immigrants.

Ms Jessica Saya
Head of LOTE