It is important that our VCE students have a very clear understanding of the College’s procedures regarding student absences on the day a SAC is conducted or a SAT is due. The following information has been taken from the College’s ‘VCE Rules and Procedures’ document which has been given to all boys in Years 11 and 12 and reinforced at Year Level Assemblies.

‘On any given day, where a student is unable to attend classes because of genuine reasons, for example, serious illness, the College must be notified before 8:30am. The student must have documentation, for example, a doctor’s certificate to support his absence. This will result in the student undertaking any scheduled assessment tasks (SACs or SATs) on the Friday following the date of the missed SAC. This ‘make up’ time begins at 3:30pm. Should a student be absent on an assessment day and does not have a doctor’s certificate or genuine reason, he will still have to complete the Assessment Task. However, this task will not be given a grade.’

Neil Carter
Deputy Principal – Learning and Curriculum