Visiting Author

Author George Ivanoff ran some inspiring writing workshops at Salesian College on Wednesday 7 May, creating great enthusiasm for Year 7′s to write their “Nothing is Impossible” stories and contribute to the “Shared Stories” anthology. George has written award winning teen science fiction novel series, “Gamers Quest” and the “You Choose” series where readers decide their own endings. Many students came up with creative responses to story ideas when George asked them “What if…….?” scenarios.

Some comment from students:

“George was really interesting and expressive with words.” Marvin

“It was good, I liked the “what if” thing and it gave me a good idea for a story, where it will be fantasy sci-fi and modern world go to war” Caleb

“It was really good, telling us an idea before writing a story. Also that book trailer was cool!” Benjamin L

“I thought that George Ivanoff had a lot of enthusiasm. His way of writing is very clever and it showed me how to achieve a different writing technique.” Johnny P

“I really enjoyed Mr Ivanoff coming to Salesian I hope he comes again.” Kosta

Joyce Sendeckyj, Donna Paatsch and Year 7