Visual Communication Design

Copic Marker Workshop – Salesian College and Killester College

On Friday 12 April, (the last day of school holidays), Mrs Garofalo organised a full day workshop, on how to use Copic Markers. Copic Markers are used by Professionals in all design industries. They are high quality illustrating tools and are available in 214 colors.

Mark Wilken, our Lecturer for the day, teaches Industrial Design students at Swinburne University and has worked with BMW and Mercedes Benz in Germany. He is an Industrial Designer and owner of

Friday’s session comprised of basic use of the markers, rendering skills and applying colour to outline drawings. At first I found this challenging, but as the day progressed, I began to understand the media I was using and enjoyed the outcomes.

We rendered objects, furniture, appliances, fashion and a perspective house. Even though these were easy tasks, it took a long time to understand how to use the markers and end up with the quality that Mark wanted. He spoke to us about light, shadow and making sure that the ‘estimated perspective’ was correct. Mark made reference to making sure that the final drawing looked appealing to the eye and therefore appealing to any prospective client wanting to manufacture the object being designed.

This was a great day and it was nice to meet the girls from Killester who are also studying Visual Communication Design and to speak to them about their folios. Morning tea and lunch was provided, which was a bonus for us all.

We would like to thank Mrs Garofalo, Ms Leggo (Killester) and of course Mark Wilken for their efforts. We were all provided with an amazing kit, and enough media and materials to continue our illustration journey. As expensive as these markers are, they are worth it.

Calvin I, Zac Dorio and Mark Malbas
Year 12 Students

Congratulations to all our students, who conducted themselves in an exemplary fashion and worked productively the entire day. The benefits of running an entire workshop for one day will definitely be showcased in their folios. Also, giving up a day in their holidays was very generous. Well done boys! Thank you to Mark Wilken and to De Leggo, Killester Collge for your organisation and part-taking it what was a wonderful day!

Mrs Garofalo