Why study a Language?

Ristorante Mangiabanane

Tuesday 25 June saw the Year 8 Cohort being treated to a comedic and educational performance called ‘Ristorante Mangiabanana.’ The show was a fantastic opening to the Year 8 Semester 2 Curriculum as Year 8 students study language through the topic of ‘Italian food.’ The show helped students to make connections with their existing knowledge of Italian words and learn new words as well. Felipe Herrera (8A) and Joseph Cardaci (8E) played a key part in the show as participants and was engaging show for all present.

Joe Charbine (Yr 12) and Oliver Baselyous (Yr 12) addressed the Year 8 Students about the importance of studying LOTE as they progress into the middle and senior years. Neither Joe or Oliver are of Italian speaking families however both have decided to continue their study of Italian at VCE level as they realise that knowledge of a 2nd or 3rd language broadens their horizons, opens up many doors in terms of job opportunities in the future and provides them with the possibility to travel and appreciate different cultures.

Jessica Saya
Head of LOTE and Italian Teacher