Year 10 Retreat

As part of Futures Week, all Year 10 students attended the Retreat at the Holy Cross Centre in Templestowe. The students were lead by teacher facilitators exploring the notion of how to understand gifts and talents and help determine what they may decide to do in the future; hence the connection with Futures Week.

Firstly, they explored the idea that sometimes success takes time and that things and experiences worth having don’t happen overnight. The boys watched a clip on Usain Bolt and learnt how he wanted to be the best from a very young age. But even Bolt didn’t experience success overnight. He had to practise relentlessly and still things didn’t always go to plan…students view examples of false starts…and that he needed the constant support of family and friends to get to where he is today.

Students we also prepared to explore the idea that even though we have grand plans and great ideas, it doesn’t always work out. We can also be told we are not good enough and people can make decisions about us that put barriers in our way. But we can be strong enough not to listen and to them and keep on trying until we do succeed and become the best person we can by using our gifts and talents. It is interesting to note how many famous failures we know about… Michael Jordan, Oprah, Walt Disney, Lionel Messi all got told they were not good enough, yet became the best in their field because they believed they could.

Finally, the boys were asked to consider that perhaps sometimes the biggest obstacle we face is ourselves. We may believe we are not good enough or worthy. Our heads may tell us something and/or our heart might make us feel a certain way about ourselves. We need to realise what we are good at and how we can help to change the world with the gifts and talents we already have. Students viewed a clip about Nick Vulicic, the man who was born with no arms or legs, still manages to live a worthwhile and fulfilling life because he chooses to. He never wishes for arms and legs but he works with what he has.

Nadia Knight
Assistant principal – Faith and Mission