Year 10 Subject Selection Information

The Year 10 program consists of a mixture of core subjects as well as a range of elective subjects. The core subjects include: Oratory, English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Physical Education. As identified in the table below, a number of the core subjects are offered at a variety of levels.

Elective subjects are drawn from the Key Learning Areas of the Arts, Technology, Languages Other Than English (LOTE) as well as from Science, Humanities, and Health and Human Development. Please note that a number of these subjects also serve as prerequisites which must be taken as a prelude to studies at VCE level.

All students will complete the core subjects and a selection of five elective subjects for the year. Most elective subjects consist of one semester length unit. Please note that Italian and the VCE subjects available to Year 10 students consist of two semester length units. Except in exceptional circumstances, students are required to undertake a minimum of ONE elective unit from the Arts and ONE from Technology. Students will also have three free choice elective units which they may use to select from a range of Key Learning Areas.

In 2017, a range of VCE units will again be offered within the elective program. Students should be aware that VCE units are of a Year 11 standard and that they will need to comply with all the regulations of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. These units will require students to have met the stipulated required standard in Year 9. In exceptional circumstances, it may be permissible for certain students to complete two VCE subjects in Year 10. Students who select a VCE study and continue with it as a Unit 3 and 4 sequence in Year 11, will in effect, have completed six Units 3 and 4 studies by the end of Year 12. A maximum of six subjects can contribute to a student’s ATAR score.

The College also offers Year 10 boys the opportunity to undertake a Pathways Program. This program will require them to complete the same range of studies within the Year 10 core subjects and electives. It will also include our ‘Taster Program’ at Holmesglen TAFE which is designed to develop possible vocational skills that students may pursue in the future. This is ideal for students who may be considering the VCAL in Year 11, an apprenticeship or full time TAFE studies thereafter. However, completing the Year 10 Pathways Program does not prevent a student from changing his mind and completing the VCE in future years.

Course of Studies

Studies taken for the whole year

  • Oratory (Five periods per week)
  • Year 10 English or VCE Foundation English Units
  • 1 and 2 or VCE English Literature Units 1 and 2 (Five periods per week)
  • Year 10 Advanced Mathematics or Year 10 Mathematics Year 10 Alternative Mathematics (Five periods per week)

Studies taken for one semester

  • Core Science/Applied Science (Five periods per week)
  • Core Humanities/Commerce (Five periods per week)
  • Core Physical Education (Five periods per week)

5 electives per year (one semester each)

  • One elective from The Arts (Five periods per week)
  • One elective from Technology (Five periods per week)
  • Three free choices (Five periods per week each)
  • Sport (two periods per week)

Choosing Elective Subjects

Students and parents/guardians are advised to thoroughly read and discuss each elective outline before making a choice. Choice of elective studies may be based on a variety of factors, depending on the individual student. The following may be useful factors to consider:

  • The academic strengths and interests of the student;
  • The desire to try out a study to see if it would be an appropriate choice for VCE or VCAL;
  • The desire and academic strength to begin VCE early; and
  • Possible career choices.

Subject Selection Prerequisites

It should be noted that a number of subjects have various subject selection prerequisites. These details are contained in a document located under the ‘Subject Selection’ heading on Salesian Live and entitled ‘2017 Subject Selection Pre-Requisites’.

Year 10 Subjects

Religious Education Department

Religious Education Semester One

Religious Education Semester Two

Religious Education Units 1/2

English Department

VCE Literature Units 1 / 2

Mathematics Department

Advanced Mathematics
General Maths
Maths Methods

Science Department

Core Science (Mainstream)
Genetics and Organic Chemistry
VCE Biology Units 1 / 2

Human Development Department

Core Physical Education
VCE Health and Human Development Units 1 / 2

Humanities Department

Australian Legal and Economic Systems
Business Management Units 1 / 2
20th Century History 1/2 

Arts Department

Visual Communication
Media Studies
Digital Photography

Technology Studies Department

Product Design and Technology
Systems and Technology
Food Technology

Digital Technologies

3D Game Development
3D Inventor 

Performing Arts Department


LOTE Department